Ceramic Grey

by Yiorgos Trichas

Dimensions (approx.): H 32 x Ø 50 cm

“In art and love, it’s enough to listen to your instinct. I trusted my instinct when I set out to create this new series of ceramics, with the intention to create objects that match durability with fragility. A very human combination. That said, people can be overly resilient. And this can be an issue. They are likely to do too much, to their own detriment. They stay strong and persevere. Ceramics, on the other hand, are not afraid to look fragile. And this is their strength. I purposefully made the decision not to hide the fragility of specific works – I wanted the thousands of small details that make up their exterior to show this. We tend to hide the details that make us appear vulnerable, because we think that’s the way to protect ourselves. In this ceramic creation, all these precious details are unprotected and exposed. Because, after all, the most courageous act in life is to show how fragile you are. If life destroys and crushes this truth, art can be a reminder.”

Yiorgos Trichas,
Athens-based ceramist,
for 10AM apotheke