Approaching Easter, 1OAM apotheke is teaming up with Red Jane Bakery to exclusively bring you in Athens the age-old recipe for Tsoureki, straight from the drawers of our grandmothers in Crete.

Each Saturday for the next three weeks, swing by 1OAM apotheke and experience these authentic flavors of Tsoureki, the beloved sweet bread of Greek culture, crafted by the skilled hands of Chania’s finest bakers.

Available in two delicious variations: the plain traditional one, and one filled with bergamot.

Pre-order online or join us in-store to savor every bite of this limited-edition treat.

Let’s celebrate Greek Easter together in tradition!

Thrilled to announce that 1OAM apotheke is featured in Milan Design Week 2024.
Visit Bocci showroom from Monday 12.04 to Sunday 21.04 for a multi-sensory experience, curated by 1OAM apotheke. Explore glimpses of our rituals, aromas, and tastes – dive into the scent of handmade altar candles and natural incense, discover our natural handmade soaps collection, witness the mesmerizing shadow play of our ceramics, taste our organic Cretan herbal tea blend alongside the ceremonial “Artos” sweet bread.

Opening Hours:
12 April – 21 April
10:00 – 18:00

Aperitivo Evenings:
13 April – 20th April
18:00 – 20:00

Join us this Saturday with @cuhnja and @gracedonley to delight in a fusion of their childhood memories and locally Greek-sourced ingredients as they craft sweet and salty options, infused with @10amapotheke signature herbs, salt, oil, and honey.

It’s a convivial and homey affair you won’t want to miss, curated by @cuhnja and @gracedonley themselves at the @10amapotheke physical store.

Available only on Saturday the 6th of April and until sold out.

Join us this Saturday at 1OAM apotheke for a culinary experience with Chef Andreas Lagos. Andreas will serve his exquisite wheat cream, inspired by cherished childhood memories in Samos — a symphony of flavors with cumin, orange zest, and nuts.

Don’t miss the chance to indulge in a taste sensation curated by the chef himself at the 1OAM apotheke physical store from 11am to 7pm, available only on Saturday the 9th of March – until sold out.

1OAM apotheke x @c_l_o circle hosted a serene ritual around sound a couple of Saturdays ago at @10amlofts.

Part 1: Guests were greeted with a warm welcome featuring @10amapotheke Herbal tea blend, Artos bread, Natural handmade incense, and Candlelight, transitioning seamlessly into an intimate, meditative session with the healing sounds of @nikolaos_unalome.
Part 2: @wineisfine.athens arranged for us an earthen table adorned with abundant platters of local delights – from freshly baked bread and artisanal cheeses to steaming bio vegetables. As part of Apotheke’s unique ritual, altar candles were placed on the table within sand. This communal table mirrors a tradition observed in Crete, where people come together after a monastery ritual. It serves as a space for connection and communication, offering a gesture of gratitude from the monastery to those who participated in the ritual. (more…)

Giorgia Eugenia Goggi inspired by 1OAM apotheke products, has reinvented the SBRISOLONA recipe using our salt, olive oil, sage and honey, adding an exquisite touch to the 1OAM apotheke culinary repertoire.

SBRISOLONA is a rustic cookie with a crumbly texture, modest appearance, but an intense, enchanting flavor featuring toasty, buttery, sweet, and salty notes. A reminiscent creation of the crunchy, buttery crumbs that @ giorgiaeugeniagoggi first introduced during her residency at @10amlofts in Athens, one year ago.

“I love the idea that food travels when people can’t. This collaboration transcends borders, weaving a tapestry of flavors that tell stories of shared experiences, culinary finesse, and future projects” by @giorgiaeugeniagoggi.

A display of books — Saturday 13th of January at 1OAM Apotheke, 82 Konstantinoupoleos Street, Athens.

A selection of books on movement, interior, design and rituals curated by @wiwltr___reads will be displayed at @10amapotheke, for you to get inspired while browsing the selection through. Anyone curious to discover @simotto’s personal archive of vintage books and the universe of 1OAM Apotheke is welcome to join this event.

Display can be viewed from 11am. / Complimentary hot tea will be served. *This event has no commercial purpose (the books displayed are not for sale)

Join us this weekend for a special holiday experience at 1OAM apotheke.

We open our doors both Saturday and Sunday to immerse in a ‘Rebirth’ installation—an artistic interpretation of Christmas, in collaboration with Sotiris Fokeas ( @soteur ).

Be part of the magic by sharing your personal rebirth words to be featured on our window front.

Let’s connect our “Apothekes”, enjoy complimentary hot tea and wine, shop your Christmas presents, and celebrate the season together!